Alphatechnik is ready to provide the best service in the field of surface treatment Technologies to you-valuable companies. Alfatech Machine make this service with its constanty improving dynamic team according the problems and needs occurred in totaly different sectors. Proper project design *equipment selection are completely suitable for the project which customer need the knowledge and experience based on ages and various projects in minimum operating cost and maximum efficiency.
The addressed sectors are various and the common points of them is the fight against on corrosion. In this field, we have engineering, delivery & installation service in all sectors where steel is used. Some of them; marine vehicles, bridges, onvehicle, on-truck equipments, all steel construction manufacturing, and dams. While we make these projects with maximum efficiency, we use our own systems which are designed by our engineers.
Our principle which we applied on all our completed projects, delivered machines and including the supply chain process,
is “The guarantee of success and continuity in trade is honesty and quality on service."


We are writing these words in order to introduce Alphatechnik to the German market. Our company was founded in the last quarter of 2021 as the 5th company in the Alfatechnic Türkiye group & it is located in Hambug, Germany.

Alfatechnic Türkiye is a sector leader in sandblasting and painting systems. As Alfatechnic, our vision considers determining the targets of our customers so that we can fulfill their needs accordingly. We keep our customers’ requests at the forefront so that we can meet their orders effectively. Meanwhile, the projects we accomplish and the machines we produce get done in a natural-friendly environment. By doing that, we make sure that everything is accomplished according to the international vision, mission, and standards of the surface treatment technologies and with full awareness of the environment.

Until now, we have been a group of four companies: Alfatechnic, Alfatech, Arccorrosion, and Grant Global, and we have prepared for the entrance of Alphatechnik into the German market.

If we would like to go deep into Alfatechnics business lines in general, they provide services in different sectors and to different companies. The sectors addressed are very diverse, and the most common thing among them all is that they all fight corrosion. In this regard, sea vehicles, bridges, on-board equipment, all steel construction manufacturing, dams, Our sandblasting and painting services are available both as facility projects, equipment sales, and after-sales services to all sectors where steel is used. In projects, we tend to maximize efficiency by using our own engineering systems.

Alfatech specializes in sandblasting and painting spare parts. Alfatechnic specializes in providing services including all facility projects; filtration & surface treatment services; and after-sales services like maintenance, support, and training in accordance with international standards. Our third company is Grant Global, which supplies sandblasting granules and abrasives, vibration stones, and other applications in both the white appliances and defense industry.

Last but not least, Arccorrosion in Romania and Alphatechnik in Germany are both found to supply all services given by those 3 companies, which means that they are wider in the range of services given in a way that makes them the perfect choice for companies that fight corrosion.

As Alphatechnik Germany, we aim to increase the power of the German market by benefiting from cheap labor, reducing the operational costs as well as giving our customers the chance to procure high-quality goods at a cheaper price, so their chance to compete in the world market will increase.


Tolga ZENT


As Alphatechnik, we manufacture according to international standards. We serve with our professional teams with the guarantee of success honesty and quality.



Alphatechnik Germany

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